The Team

The Team

There are 3 Co-Founders (Dr. Chun-Ming Huang, Prof. Tai-Chi Lin and Dr. Chien-Ming Wu), 2 technical consultants (Prof. Jinn-Shyan Wang and Prof. Ching-Wei Yeh) and some R&D engineers in OSTF Labs (One Step to the Future Labs).

Dr. Chun-Ming Huang, is director of Advanced Technology Applications Division in TSRI (Taiwan Semiconductor Research Institute), has devoted to the VLSI design, SOC design methodologies and multimedia communication for more than 20 years. TSRI is a world-class academic research institute to provide integrated services spanning semiconductor devices to systems. Prof. Tay-Jyi Lin is currently a professor in National Chung Cheng University, Taiwan. His research interests include programmable SoC design, ultra-low-voltage system, and biomedical signal processing. Dr. Chien-Ming Wu has devoted to the VLSI design in communication and coding theory and SoC design for more than 15 years. Prof. Jinn-Shyan Wang and Prof. Chingwei Yeh are currently professors in National Chung Cheng University. Their research interests include low-power and high-speed IC design and system designs for audio and video applications.

There are also several R&D engineers in OSTF Labs. These R&D engineers are responsible for embedded hardware/software design, iOS/Android App development, sensor system calibration and industrial design.

Based on co-founder’s expertise, OSTF Labs is the expert in the field of intelligent electronic system. vMic is one of matured innovation technology and already having application, potential market needs as well. Led by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA), OSTF Labs is being part of the Eureka Park at CES 2021 along with the 100 featured Taiwanese startups.