The vMic is a noise-free surface vibration microphone, which senses speaking vibrations through the contact with the skin near the throat.

The OSTF Labs has developed an AI compensation algorithm that allows vMic to provide clear and correct sound. Its voice algorithm analyzes user voice data by capturing pure voice.

“AI technology is very suitable for learning the processes of production and perception of speech. The AI compensation algorithm we developed can effectively imitate the resonance of the speaking organ. The distorted voice (mixed voiced and unvoiced) can thus be corrected by our AI compensation algorithm to get a pure voice.”

In a noisy environment, such as a factory, the typical air microphone will be disturbed by environmental background noise and cannot communicate normally. Engaged in outdoor sports, such as riding bicycles, motorcycles and skiing; traditional air microphone is not suitable for communication.”

In the above bad environment and engaged in outdoor sports, our vMic product will be your best partner. The vMic can only deliver your pure voice, no matter how noisy the environment is. Therefore, the vMic can let your voice be heard clearly!